5 Places for Back to School Shopping in Downtown Tacoma

5 Places for Back to School Shopping in Downtown Tacoma

5 Places for Back to School Shopping in Downtown Tacoma

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Back to School in Downtown Tacoma is here! As kids and teenagers get ready to go back to school in person, parents are busy getting them ready, and UW Tacoma students are slowly making their way back Downtown.

Since most people have been remote learning, teaching, and parenting the need for back-to-school shopping is greater than ever. We’re here to tell you 5 places to shop in Downtown Tacoma to support local businesses and complete your fall wardrobe.


Cocobolo is owned and operated by two sisters, Sarah and Lana, on St. Helens Ave. Cocobolo features all ethically minded and environmentally conscious clothing. Not only do they sell amazing brands, but they also have an in-house brand made by Lana. Make sure to follow Cocobolo on Instagram, @cocoboloshop, as well as they sell vintage pieces on Instagram stories every Tuesday and Thursday.

Grit City Grindhouse

This one is for all the skaters out there. Grit City Grindhouse is a local skate shop that sells everything from in-house made skateboards to apparel. Their clothing is perfect to wear to class or in your free time when skating at Alchemy, the indoor skate park, or one of the other skate parks in the area. Follow them on Instagram @gritcitygrindhouse and @alchemy_skateboarding to keep up with all the places to skate in Tacoma!

D. Haberdashery

Dion Teague owns D. Haberdashery on Broadway. We argue he is one of the most fashionably dressed men in Tacoma. D. Haberdashery sells all things vintage. Dress shoes, Levi’s, vintage hats, and watches are just some of the items that make up the store. Go visit Dion and have him help you out with your back-to-school wardrobe. Follow @d.haberdashery on Instagram to see what’s going on.

Channing Baby & Co.

For all you moms and dads out there with little ones, this is the place for you! Channing Baby is the number one place to dress babies and toddlers in Downtown Tacoma. Whether it’s preschool, daycare, or a day at home come buy your baby a new outfit. Channing Baby sells clothes for the moms too, so make sure to stop in and say hi! Also follow @channingbabyco on Instagram to see what items they’re getting in next.


Stocklist sells the perfect organizational tools for back to school. From notebooks and planners to Bleach Tacoma apparel, Stocklist is a one stop shop for back to school. Go say hi to the owner Liz and her dog Mona and follow them on Instagram @stocklistgoods.

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