6 ways to do “Dinner And A Show” in Downtown Tacoma this January.

6 ways to do “Dinner And A Show” in Downtown Tacoma this January.

6 ways to do “Dinner And A Show” in Downtown Tacoma this January.

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With the holiday season behind us and more cold, wet nights ahead, the temptation to stay in and hibernate is stronger than ever. But instead of staying in why not check out these 6 awesome options for “Dinner and a Show” in Downtown Tacoma.

Option 1: DINNER: The Forum & THE SHOW: Kurt Lindsay at The Spanish Ballroom.

Sundays are good for the soul and you can’t go wrong with this pairing. Start out enjoying all-day happy hour at The Forum. Speaking of soul, check out The Forums spin on a soul food classic with their Mac & Cheese Balls on Happy Hour. Next, make your way up the hill to The Spanish Ballroom to check out Kurt Lindsay playing with Kristen Marlo and AC Sapphire. Kurt is one of those artists whose soul you can feel through the words he sings. Check him, Kristen and Annachristie play on

Sunday, January 12 at the Spanish Ballroom from 6 pm-9 pm. 5 pm doors. $5 per person. Learn more.

Option 2: DINNER: Matriarch & The Show: Nick Delffs with Collin Scott Reynolds at Honey.

This is the perfect pairing if you want to avoid the weather. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t send you to dinner and a show under the same roof but when two of the best call the same place home it’s kind of hard not to. Thanks for that Alma Mater. There is something about the musical styling of Nick Delffs and Collin Scott Reynolds that makes you want to drink some whiskey, check out the House Old Fashioned on happy hour at Matriarch and pair with their burger or corn dog. Afterward, walk 15 steps (ish) to Honey Coffee + Kitchen and enjoy the show. Nick and Collin are going to blow you away.

Wednesday, January 15 from 6 pm-9 pm. Doors at 5 pm. Donations Encouraged. Learn more.

Option 3: DINNER: Puget Sound Pizza & THE SHOW: The Shivas at Fawcett Hall.

Pizza and The Shivas? With this pairing, it’s definitely going to make this Sunday feeling a Saturday. After giving The Shivas album ” Dark Thoughts” a listen it’s the type of music that will make you “forget you have to work the next day”. A quote used by Jared Molyneux the bands’ guitarist/singer. Don’t believe him, stop by Puget Sound Pizza for a pie, wash it down with a PBR and dance it off with The Shivas at Fawcett Hall. We have a feeling you’ll be wishing it wasn’t Monday the next day.

Sunday, January 19 from 8 pm-11:30 pm. Doors at 7 pm. $12. Buy tickets.

Option 4: DINNER: Over the Moon Cafe & THE SHOW: Jacob Westfall at The Spanish Ballroom.

Thursday is the new Friday and the perfect day to have a weekend experience without the crowds. The pairing of Over the Moon Cafe and Jacob Westfall makes for the perfect date night. Start it off with a glass of wine and any of the incredible entrees at Over the Moon then make your way down the hill to the Spanish Ballroom at McMenamins. Portland’s Jacob Westfall will be ready to win you over and set a mood with his easy yet emotional musical offerings.

Thursday, January 23 from 7 pm- 10 pm. Doors at 6 pm. $5. Learn more here.

Option 5: DINNER Wooden City & THE SHOW: Fretland at The Spanish Ballroom.

Wooden City is insanely good. Fretland is insanely good. That makes this pairing… well, insanely good. Wooden City offers great drinks, comforting American cuisine and sincere hospitality. The only thing possibly more sincere then their hospitality is the voice Hillary Grace Fretland founder and lead singer of Fretland. After dinner head to The Spanish Ballroom to see Fretland with Maile Mae.

Friday, January 24 from 7 pm- 10 pm. Doors at 6 pm. Free. Learn more here.

Option 6: DINNER: The Matador & THE SHOW: Ozomatli at The Pantages.

Ozomatli is a grammy-winning band from Los Angeles that combines classic and modern Latino, urban, hip-hop, reggae and has collaborated with everyone from Carlos Santana to Jack Johnson and beyond. They have even performed for President Obama. Get in the mood before the show with dinner at The Matador. We recommend the Cadillac margarita and nachos before you head to The Pantages for the show.

Saturday, January 25 at 7:30 pm. Tickets Vary. Click here to purchase tickets.

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