A punny choose it yourself guide to Valentine’s Day in Downtown Tacoma.

A punny choose it yourself guide to Valentine’s Day in Downtown Tacoma.

A punny choose it yourself guide to Valentine’s Day in Downtown Tacoma.

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It’s Valentine’s Day this Friday and we are sure that is making you feel one of a few things.

1: Thanks for reminding me that I am single.

2: Cute, but we have been at this a long time.

3: I know!! I booked reservations weeks ago.

4: Dang, is it really?? I have no idea what to do.

For those of you who responded like the last one, you came to the right place. We have built you a fail-proof guide to pull off Valentine’s Day like the organized, thoughtful and hilarious partner you are.

STEP 1: Pick your pun.

PUN 1: Let’s taco about how much I love you.

PUN 2: You got a pizza my heart.

PUN 3: You make miso happy.

PUN 4: I love you a latte.

PUN 5: I only have fries for you.

STEP 2: Choose a date spot based on your pun.

Using the pun of your choice, check out our recommendations for the best places for Valentine’s Day date. Just think about how clever you will look when you follow step 3, and you give your date a very punny card that says ” You got a pizza my heart” while they are biting into a slice.

STEP 3: Print a card with your pun on it.

We have made this super easy for you. All you have to do is click the links below to download the card of your choice. From there hit print and voila you have yourself a very punny Valentine’s Day card. (sentimental insert not included)

There you have it, our funny fail-proof 3 step program to the perfect Valentine’s Day in Downtown Tacoma. Looking to go about and beyond? Check out our bonus step below to bring your V-Day to another!!

BONUS STEP: Keep the date going with these Valentine’s Day events.

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