An Inside Look at Court House Square

An Inside Look at Court House Square

An Inside Look at Court House Square


At the corner of 11th and A Street in Downtown Tacoma stands the century-old limestone beauty we commonly call the Old Post Office (because it is home to USPS). Built-in 1910 as Tacoma’s first Federal Building it has been home to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, US Marshalls, and US Customs. Today, Court House Square is a bustling hub of entrepreneurship, events, food & beverage. We stopped by to take a tour of the 72,000 square foot building and were blown away not just by the sheer amount of businesses but the intentionality and community care coming out of Court House Square. Take a look at some of the businesses below to get a sense of what we are talking about.

Lift Bridge Coffee

If you have spent any time in Court House Square you are sure to have seen and hopefully met Jessica Johnston (above). Jessica wears many hats at Court House Square; Director, Manager, Events Producer, Barista, and most importantly our friend. Fun Fact, Jessica also generously serves on our Board of Directors. We highly recommend you pay Jessica a visit and let her make you a coffee. Also, do yourself a favor and order the Vegan Breakfast Burrito. Learn more about Lift Bridge Coffee here.

Outpost Kitchen

Outpost Kitchen is no stranger to the downtown office worker crowd. Their variety of sandwiches, salads & soup makes them a fan favorite during the lunch hour. Fito & Lauren (above) also happen to be two of the kindest folks around. Pro Tip: Swing by on Friday for Pizza Squares, the sauce & dough are made in house. Take it from us, it is very good. Outpost Kitchen gets its name from the bottom floor of Court House Square called… you guessed it, The Outpost. Did you know they also offer catering? To learn more click here.

Infinite Soups

Our friends, Infinite Soups also call The Outpost at Court House Square home. If you have been in Tacoma for any amount of time, you understand that Infinite Soups is an institution. Infinite Soups was one of the first businesses to open at Court House Square under its current ownership and vision. Infinite Soups offer a variety of soups. They have everything ranging from the classics to vegan and vegetarian varieties that will make you feel worldly. We are big fans of their West African Peanut and Caribbean Red Bean. To learn more, and see their daily soups follow them on Facebook here.

Afterglow Beauty Lounge

We first met Chantel and her business Afterglow Beauty Lounge through Spaceworks Tacoma. It has been amazing watching her journey as an entrepreneur and small business owner. Afterglow Beauty Lounge also located in The Outpost is a one-stop-shop for lashes, skin, brows, and hair. We highly recommend you stop by for a service, it is guaranteed to help you “thrive on your on the glow lifestyle.” To learn more about Afterglow Beauty Lounge click here.

Kowchsurferz Anonymous

Kowchsurferz Anonymous is a multimedia production company that focuses on getting the creative community to a larger platform. They work with musicians and other artists from recording to launch. Kowchsurferz Anonymous exists to help any creative with an idea flesh it out. Kowchsurferz Anonymous is comprised of @100klvn @jazireche @malcomharrellmedia @vealinium. To learn more click here.

Yoga Wild

Yoga Wild encourages its students to care for themselves so that they can care for their community and environment. This is something they refer to as #CollectiveCare. While their studio is located in The Outpost at Court House Square, they are currently offering classes on demand through their website or with ads on Youtube. Yoga Wild gains its name from its unique approach to doing yoga in the wilds of Tacoma. To take a virtual class and learn more, click here.

En Rama

We might be biased but En Rama is arguably one of the best restaurants and cocktail bars in the state. En Rama is the brainchild of local cocktail/culinary genius Chris Keil. Chris has an uncanny ability to bring together a dream team of restaurant professionals to create a unique and sought after food & beverage experience. If you have enjoyed the offerings of En Rama before you have more than likely seen Chris’s right-hand-gal Carly (above) behind the bar. En Rama is a staple of Court House Square and our community. To learn more and order food to go, click here. One of our favorite things about En Rama is their generous spirit. Every Wednesday they offer free meals to the community.

Cascade Government Affairs

Cascade Government Affairs nods to the historic use of Court House Square. Cascade Government Services serves as a liaison between clients and state & local officials regarding policy manners within their purview to help them better understand how various issues impact their communities. Charlie Brown (above) is a co-founder of Cascade and a frequent patron of Lift Bridge Coffee. To learn more about Charlie, his team and Cascade Government Services click here.

Colemon & Associates

First and foremost, Pat & Annie (above) are two of the most stylish individuals ever. With that out of the way, Colemon & Associates works to “Advance, Inspire & Improve” our community through equity, diversity & inclusion work inside the workplace and community. Locally they have worked with Metro Parks, the City of Tacoma, United Way of Pierce County, West Pierce Fire Department, Grand Cinema, and more. Colemon & Associates work can be described as “mobilizing community around change processes.” To learn more about them, click here.

Girls on Hearts Fire

Girls on Heart Fire was founded by Cecily Croskey (above). Cecily founded Girls on Heart Fire to empower young women between 5th and 12th grade. They support young women in Tacoma and the greater Puget Sound by teaching life skills, community leadership, and entrepreneurship. This work is done through after school programs and one on one mentoring. Each year the girls celebrate through their FLY (first love yourself) Gala. Cecily’s heart for the young women of our community is unmatched. To learn more and to see how you can support Girls on Heart Fire, click here.

Conquering Today Therapy

Conquering Today Therapy by Kayleigh Jamison (above) specializes in reduced fee therapy with a focus on trauma and addiction. Kayleigh’s goal is to help the community get access to mental health support. Kayleigh works with adolescents, adults, and couples and takes a one day at a time, present moment approach to her practice. To learn more and book with Kayleigh at Conquering Today Therapy, click here.

Thanks for reading, this is just a small offering of all of the incredible businesses that call Court House Square home. To learn more about these businesses and the others not listed take a look at their directory here. You will find a wide variety of talented artists, music producers, massage practitioners, photographers, and other professionals.

Court House Square also has a small variety of available office/retail space for rent that can be seen in the directory. If you are more of the co-working type, Court House Square is also home to the world-class Pioneer Collective.

Beyond the small businesses, Court House Square is home to three incredible venues called The Gallery, Ballroom & Courtroom. These spaces are perfect for small to large gatherings and have been home to some of the most beautiful weddings Tacoma has ever seen. To learn more about these spaces click here.

To learn more about Court House Square click here.

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