Black Fleet Brewing

Black Fleet Brewing

Black Fleet Brewing


Sitting in Black Fleet Brewing this afternoon we learned the story of a noblewoman by the name of Jeanne De Clisson. At some point in the 1300’s her husband was executed for treason by the French King. To exact her revenge, she outfitted three warships and painted them black and dyed their sails red. The fierce Clisson then took to the English Channel and attacked French ships often slaughtering the entire crew but one. The lone French sailor would then go back to France and carry the message of revenge to the King. Through her actions, Clisson earned the moniker “The Lioness of Brittany” and her ships the “Black Fleet.” It’s this story that Black Fleet Brewing receives its name.

While this story could seem gruesome it is more about a fierceness that comes from those who have the odd’s stacked against them. In my conversation with Kyle Maxwell, co-owner and brewer of Black Fleet Brewing he compared Clisson to our own Thea Foss. Thea Foss a woman who founded one of the largest tugboat companies in the world. It is a story of working hard to make something of yourself and a story that is truly Tacoma. The story resonates with Maxwell who starting brewing at home and now co-owns a beautiful brewery in Downtown Tacoma.

Black Fleet Brewing was open in 2018 by Kyle Maxwell and Bill, Laura and Caitlyn Byce. The family affair offers beer that breaks the mold and full-service bites in their brewery at corner of Fawcett and 23rd Street. They offer 10-12 taps on any given day and a selection of comfort food to pair with beer. They care deeply about beer education and want their customers to taste and understand the grains of our region. On tap they offer a handful of beers that are single malt and single hop and sourced from Washington farmers. Beyond the beer, the Black Fleet team has gone above and beyond to keep the community safe during COVID-19. If you are looking for good food, great beer and even better people go see our friends at Black Fleet today. Make sure you ask about the boot.


Black Fleet Brewing

2302 Fawcett Ave Tacoma, WA

Wednesday-Thursday open at 4pm Friday-Sunday open at 12pm


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