Coming Soon: ‘Streateries’

Coming Soon: ‘Streateries’

Coming Soon: ‘Streateries’


Pierce County has just moved into Phase 2 of Govenor Inslee’s plan to reopen our state as the Covid-19 pandemic slows in our region. With that, you will begin to see some of your favorite local businesses begin to open in a reduce capacity.

Restaurants will reopen at 50% capacity and have to meet other requirements in Phase 2. It has become increasingly important to increase the capacity of these restaurants and other retail businesses during our phased reopening.

Across our region and nation we have seen both sidewalks and parking stalls activated in ways to allow an increased capacity through ‘Streateries’. This is something the City of Tacoma has been exploring, and we are pleased to announce is coming soon.

If you attended our Virtual Morning Coffee ( Marketing Meeting) on June 4th, you would have seen a presentation from the City of Tacoma their approach to this concept. Click here to see that presentation.

The next steps of that presentation are as follows:

  • Mid-June 2020 Launch Temporary Curbside Cafe/Market
  • Mid-June 2020 Launch Temporary Sidewalk/Curbside Liquor Service
  • October 2020 End of Temporary Pilot Program
  • Winter 2020 Evaluate Temporary Program & Identify Funding Opportunities.

As soon as the program goes live through the City of Tacoma’s website you will be able to apply for it online. The goal of this program is to make it as easy and as fast as possible for qualifying businesses to increase their individual customer capacity.

To see how other cities are using ‘Streateries’ click here and stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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