Old City Hall

Old City Hall

Old City Hall

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In September 2018, after three rounds of requests for proposals, Tacoma City Council granted the contract to revitalize Old City Hall to Surge Tacoma, which is led by Eli Moreno. The proposal put forth by Moreno will maintain the history of the building as a welcoming public space, while capitalizing on the growing market for residential spaces in downtown Tacoma.

The plan includes a restaurant and bar in the basement opening out to Pacific Ave, retail space, office and co-working space, “micro” apartments, two rooftop restaurants, and an event space. The apartments will include 10 to 20 units that will rent at market rate and 20 to 30 affordable units.

Moreno’s proposal highlighted the community benefits their renovation will offer. The proposal promises 300 jobs added to the Tacoma economy and Moreno estimated $2 million in additional benefits including public use of a conference room, community access to the historic clock tower, and space for the Tacoma Historical Society to use as a public exhibit and work area. The target opening for the newly renovated Old City Hall is in 2021.

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