Spotlight: LeRoy Jewelers & The Art Stop

Spotlight: LeRoy Jewelers & The Art Stop

Spotlight: LeRoy Jewelers & The Art Stop


When you first visit LeRoy Jewelers you’ll notice an advertisement that reads, “The good news is… if you see the same piece on someone else, they stole it from you.” Steph Farber has a way with words. Steph is co-owner and designer behind the hand-crafted, one of a kind jewelry at LeRoy Jewelers. Steph has been the jewelry maker and designer since 1973 when he joined the family business. He and his wife Phyllis took over in 2004, after his mother, Hazel retired.

Beyond their talent and design expertise, what makes LeRoy Jewelers stand out is their deep care for the uniqueness of their customers. They create custom pieces that tell their customers personal stories – and no one else’s. They design things you will never find in a mall – as they say, they create special pieces “to be fought over by your grandchildren.”

LeRoy is more than a jewelry store. In 2000, Phyllis added The Art Stop, a gallery featuring art and hand-made american crafts.

LeRoy Jewelers is the oldest operating retail business in Downtown Tacoma. The business was started in Coulee City in the 1930’s by Irving Farber, Stephs father. He relocated it to Downtown Tacoma in 1941. Seventy-eight years later, LeRoy Jewelers remains a staple in the rapidly growing retail scene in Downtown. Stores, and stories, like LeRoy Jewelers, paved the way. Go pay Steph and Phyllis a visit today.

LeRoy Jewelers

940 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402



Tuesday-Saturday: 9:30am-5:30pm

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