Step Inside My Wave Collective

Step Inside My Wave Collective

Step Inside My Wave Collective


There is something freeing about stepping foot in My Wave Collective in Downtown Tacoma. In our time meeting the variety of tattoo, hair & piercing artists that call My Wave home. We heard stories of stepping out on ones one, pursuing a passion, and leaving safety behind in pursuit of a craft. It’s the sharing of these individual passions that creates a vibrancy you can only feel behind the doors at 713 Commerce Street.

Opened in 2019 by high school friends Jessenia Baker & Cassidy Linn, the duo chose the name after the Soundgarden song “My Wave” from the 1994 album Superunknown. The late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell sings “Share if it makes you sleep, if it sets you free, if it makes you breathe.” There is a massive culture of sharing and collaboration happening at My Wave Collective which is home to the 10 independent artists seen below:

Tattoo Artists

@cassidy_mywave: Cassidy has been tattooing for 19 years. She had a short stint as an apprentice but is mostly self-taught. She loves color and anything mystical or fantasy. She creates work that is an escape from the ordinary.

@xnstonex: Nick or as he is known Stone has been in the industry for 11 years. He is a transplant from Los Angeles and has been in the city for 2.5 years. He enjoys tattooing neo-gothic, neo-traditional, and script. Stone considers himself a jack-of-all-trades.

@skinpytattoo: She started her apprenticeship at My Wave Collective in September. Maggie is a native of Federal Way but now a proud Downtown Tacoma resident. She’s passionate about blackwork, traditional, and pointillism.

@mike_kasmar: Mike started tattooing as a kid but took some time off for a career at Tacoma General Hospital as a Patient Care Technician. After 5 ½ years in that role, Mike decided to pick up the tattoo gun again. Now he enjoys doing black & gray, fine line & realism. No matter what style, however, Mike is most passionate about giving a solid tattoo.

@demonessink: Jasmine is in the 2nd year of her apprenticeship and joined My Wave Collective alongside her husband Nick (xstonex). She enjoys gothic and pop color tattooing.

Hair Artists

@noblewolfhair: Jessenia has been doing hair for 12 years. She knew early on that hair was her passion and chose to leave high school, pursue her GED and attend Gene Juarez Academy. Her favorite part of her craft is the reveal after creating a masterpiece for her client. She also loves helping her clients feel like their very best selves. While Jessenia specializes in color, she is enjoys all aspects of the craft.

@whitetootsieroll: Alex is a veteran of the US army and picked up his first pair of clippers while stationed in Afghanistan. Once out of the military, Alex also grew an interest in cosmetology and attended Evergreen Beauty College. Alex is versed in just about any hairstyle.

@hairbybridget253: Bridget has been doing hair professionally for 4 years. However, she credits what she knows to her grandmother. Bridget comes from a large family and got into the business helping her grandmother do her siblings’ hair. Bridget gets excited by doing huge transformations.

@meganscizzorhand: Megan happened to have the day off when we visited My Wave Collective. We guess we will let it slide Megan. Looking at her work she seems able to do it all from tight fades to beautiful layers.

Piercing Artists

@_piercerkay: Kay has been piercing for 2.5 years. Originally from Guam, she now considers Tacoma her home. Kay enjoys all types of piercing but loves piercing nostrils and working with her clients to do curated ear projects. Not sure what that means? Just google “Constellation Piercing.”

Last but not least, we want to take a moment to introduce you to the big boss in charge of My Wave Collective, Desmond. Desmond is in charge of the whole operation. He is tasked with making sure that these 10 artists turn out the best work possible. Just look at that stance, Desmond means business.

We were taken aback by the positive energy flowing through My Wave Collective. It was very clear to us that these 10 artists are more or less like family. Beyond their induvial artistry, their space is decorated with a variety of local artists. In more normal times, My Wave Collective utilizes its space as a rotating gallery of local art. For many of these artists, Tacoma is home. When we asked co-founder Cassidy Lin why they chose Downtown Tacoma for their location she responded simply, “Seattle is too much. Olympia is not enough. Tacoma is perfect” We couldn’t agree more.

If you are looking for your first or 300th tattoo, a hair transformation, or a new piercing heading to to book one of these incredible artists. Are you in the industry and looking for a home? Word on the street is there are more stations on the horizon at My Wave Collective. Either way, go visit them today.

My Wave Collective.

713 Commerce Street Tacoma, WA 98402

By appointment only.  

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