The 10 Shops at the end of St Helens Ave in Downtown Tacoma

The 10 Shops at the end of St Helens Ave in Downtown Tacoma

The 10 Shops at the end of St Helens Ave in Downtown Tacoma

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Tucked away in the heart of the Theatre District in Downtown Tacoma lies the one-way terminus of St Helens Ave. Situated along either side of St Helens you will find everything from a textile maker space to a vintage guitar store. Here is the list of the 10 businesses that call this part of St Helens Ave home.

Bostwick Cafe

St Helens Ave is home to the backdoor of Bostwick Cafe. The cafe is located in one of our favorite historic buildings in Downtown Tacoma. Did you know the practice of standing for the national anthem started in the Bostwick Building? Supporting the Bostwick Cafe is basically patriotic.

764 St Helens Ave. Mon-Thurs: 6 am-7 pm. Fri: 6am-8pm. Sat 7 am-8 pm.

Original House of Donuts

Original House of Donuts is the only donut shop in Downtown Tacoma. OHD has over 60 years making donuts in our region and it shows! We’re big fans of the classic cake donut with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Donut try any other donut, head to OHD today!

766 St Helens Ave. Mon: 6am-4pm, Tues: 6am-2pm, Wed-Fri: 6am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-12pm.

Lefty & Lucille

Lefty & Lucille is a vintage shop turned artist studio. We recently chatted with the owner and learned that they are closing their doors to the public to focus on special projects and hosting art shows. Follow them on Instagram at @leftyandlucille to stay up to speed.

750 St Helens Ave.

SMR Barbershop

SMR stands for Shannon Michael Reilly and he is the owner and barber at SMR Barbershop. SMR is a classic no-frills barbershop. The barbershop itself is a staple in downtown and has been there since 1983. Go visit our friend Shannon today for a fresh cut.

757 St Helens. Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat: 9am-3pm.

Productivity Parlour for Artful Living

The Productivity Parlour for Artful Living fosters a sewing community that offers open studio time and mentoring for every skill level. Looking for an alteration or a custom garment, they got you covered there as well. If that isn’t enough, they have ready-made costumes and accessories as well as a mix of local textiles, art, and jewelry.

753 St Helens. Wed-Sun: 11am-5pm

Kiddos & Kin: Kindermusik with Shay

Looking for a safe, musical, developmentally appropriate place for your kiddo? Then Kiddos & Kin Kindermusik is for you. It’s a music, movement and ‘magination studio where your little ones can do a variety of art and private/group instrument instruction. Discover this award-winning education program on St Helens today.

751 St Helens. Tues: 9am-2:30pm, Wed: 9am-1:30pm & 4-5:30pm, Thurs: 9am-12:30pm.

Asal Market

Asal Market is the perfect place to grab some gum, cure a headache or curb that sweet tooth or nicotine craving. Asal Market is one of three convenience stores in the downtown core.

741 St Helens: Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-8pm

Club Silverstone

There is no better place to dance the weekend away in Downtown Tacoma than The Silverstone. Imagine a dance club in the 80’s playing the music of today, it’s something like that. Do yourself a favor and go experience Club Silverstone for yourself.

739 ½ St Helens Ave. Mon-Sun: 11am-2am.

Studio 253

Studio 253 is a photographer’s paradise. A beautiful, natural light studio space in Downtown Tacoma. It’s the perfect place to meet, create and grow in the photography business.

739 St Helens: Mon-Sun: 9 am-7 pm

Guitar Maniacs

There is no better place to buy a vintage guitar in Tacoma than Guitar Maniacs. They have been buying and selling vintage guitars since 1981 and have called their location in Downtown Tacoma home since 2000. Guitar Maniacs is an iconic part of our downtown.

737 St Helens: Mon-Fri 11 am-6 pm. Sat-Sun: 12-5pm.

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